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Birthdate:Feb 4
Location:United States of America
Hello all. Just realized I haven't updated this in a couple years, lets see if I can write something that doesn't go out of date so fast...

About me: I like reading, particularly science fiction and fantasy. My favorite book is probably Mists of Avalon. My two favorite movies are Miss Congeniality and Back to the Future, just because I’m weird like that. I’m not the greatest at spelling and/or grammar, I’m an Engineer for heaven’s sake. If I knew how to spell I’d be something else. Umm…. I have a soft spot for anything of the fluffy variety in terms of small cats and large dogs. My favorite color is purple, then blue. I make my own costumes. I really have no idea what to inform you of.

Serious stuff:
The best thing I learned in college was to make my own lifestyle decisions. Some of these are different from my growing-up family, but integral to the new family my fiance/partner and I are making, even if my dad does sometimes call me "tree-hugger" or "hippie":
Do no harm
Live Local
4 R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repair

Lighthearted note:
Thru: I subscribe to my own brand of the english language. If this offends you, I'm, erm, sorry? For a variety of reasons?

“But you spell through THRU, and I’m with you on that, ‘cause we spell it “THRUFF,” and that’s trying to cheat at Scrabble.
“How can we get that “OU” sound?”
“Well, a “U” will work,”
“What about an “O” as well?”
“We don’t need it, we’re fine.”
“No, I think an “O” in.”
“Well, all right.”
“And a “G” as well.”
“Yes, a “G” would be good. We need a silent “G” in the background, in case of any accidents or something.”
“Well, all right.”
“And an “H” as well.”
“F***ing ‘ell! Hang on.”
“An “H” in case some herbs come along.”
“All right…”
“And a Q, and a P, and a Z… Look it’s a word in Scrabble that’s 480 points!”"
-Eddie Izzard, Dressed to Kill

So, um, yeah. I know it’s random, but he’s just a hilarious comedian.
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